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Holistic Smoothing System 

Whether straight, wavy or curly, the must-have is shiny, smooth, and tamed hair. Fight frizz and bring new levels of smoothness and shine to your hair this season with our Oway Hstraighten Smoothing System!

Our new Oway Hstraighten system is a single product with a double action. You can get two different services with the same product depending on the hair type and desired result; cuticle restoration and frizz-reduction with the TAMING treatment, or a long lasting smoothing effect with the SMOOTHING treatment.

Infused with the signature blend of Biodynamic Dock, Organic Mullein, and oils of Ethical Date, Coconut and Avocado, this botanical synergy restores integrity and strength to compromised hair, while Glyoxylic Acid recomposes the amino acids of the hair without excessively impacting the hair fiber to achieve smooth, controllable hair.

Results will last from 3-5 months depending on service selected, hair type and at-home maintenance. 


  •  2 treatments in one! Hstraighten's versatile formulation allows it to be offered as a long-lasting smoothing service with straightening effects or as an anti-frizz, cuticle restoration treatment.


  • • Depending on the service selected, hair type and at-home care, your client can expect smooth, frizz-free hair for 3-5 months


  • • Formaldehyde-free formula works at an acidic pH level (1-2.5) to produce a semi-permanent hair straightening effect without breaking the cystine disulfide hair bond. In turn, it provides a long-lasting, relaxing effect of hair fibers, without causing damage and irritation to the hair and scalp, like typical alkaline straightening agents.


  • • Fume-free, pleasant aroma, made without synthetic fragrance


  • • Made with 87.17% ingredients derived from natural origin


  • • Cruelty Free & Vegan

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 Rebecca Gregory on Jul 08, 2021

Frizz Be Gone

Finally found the most impressive smoothing treatment for my clients. I was absolutely blown away after seeing my client back a month after her Hstraighten service and her hair was so smooth and shiny beyond my wildest expectations. All of the clients I have used it on are in love with their hair again and are looking like models!
Although it is a lengthier service it is well worth it!

 Patricia on Apr 19, 2021

Fantastic service

This is an amazing smoothing service. The hair is super soft and frizz free. I really like that it takes less time now to smooth my hair and I can also create texture if I choose!! Great tool for frizz free hair!! !

Ashley M. on Mar 31, 2021

Obsessed. You can use this treatment on anyone with frizz!

Love the versatility of this treatment. You can customize for straighter results or just do a de-frizz treatment, which makes it amazing for curls and coils alike.

Marianne on Mar 23, 2022

Silky Smooth

Hstraight has to be the best smoothing system I have used to date. I have been having great results smoothing the most unruly hair. The smell is very minimal and the product is easy to use. I cannot place my order fast enough.

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