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Welcome to Royal Salon, in Colorado Springs.

At Royal Salon, our hair stylists in Colorado Springs have been using high-quality natural and organic products and pure vegan hair care since 2010. We have been growing ever since, which helps us improve our service by the day, and provide our clients with better friendly and personalized service, which has been our trade mark.

We are one of the leading hair salons in Colorado Springs because we sell you genuine products, and deliver the treatment and service that we promise. We don't stop at "good enough" but strive towards perfection in serving our clients. All our products are natural and are Rich with certified Organic ingredients, antioxidants, nutrients, and plant extracts.

Being a total vegan salon, Royal Salon does not spare any effort to maintain the integrity of our products and services. Using Natural and Organic products ensures that our clients are safe from ingredients like, resorcinol, ammonia, parabens, formaldehyde, plastics, SLS, hioglycolates, gluten and PPD(Paraphenylenediamine) . Moreover there is no animal testing, no animal products or by products, and is therefore cruelty free and environmental friendly. We are socially very conscious, and make sure that none of our products are made by labor in difficult or unhygienic working conditions and follow fair trade practices to maintain the integrity of our products and services.
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We recruit our staff with care to ensure that the people who serve you have the same passion for natural and organic products that we have. This ensures that you are being served by people who know about and care about what they are doing. They are fully trained in the correct use of all our products. Staff training is a continual process at Royal Salon with emphasis on a friendly and personalized service to all our clients. We want our clients to feel like a part of our already growing family.

We are the best organic hair salon and organic treatment salon in Colorado Springs and hope to maintain that status with your clientage. Come and join the growing family that is Royal Salon, Colorado Springs.
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